My work

The items below are sorted in reverse chronological order.

Ruby / Ruby on Rails / TypeScript / React
Task flow management system for AUN-QA
iOS / Swift
Fast-paced 2D arena deathmatch game
iOS / Swift
Bubble shooter game for iOS
TypeScript / Vue.js / VueX
Save money by finding others to share promotions with
TypeScript / Vue.js / VueX
Content management system for Bluetooth beacons
Java / JavaFX
Manage and keep track of your books
TypeScript / Vue.js / VueX
An interactive classroom experience
JS / Vue.js / VueX
Spin the Wheel of Fortune!
Minesweeper with modified rules
React / Redux / SASS
A nonsense generator inspired by Trump
C++ / Win32
Windows utility to block keyboard and mouse inputs
Tetris game with automatic mode
C / JS / Emscripten
AI player and opponent for 2048
HTML / CSS / JS / NW.js
NW.js based RSS reader
Node.js / Jade / MongoDB
Text and file sharing + productivity tools
Modified Minecraft client