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Name   AUN-QA
Year   2019
Tech   Ruby / Ruby on Rails / TypeScript / React
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AUN-QA is an application booking + task flow management web application for an organization that performs quality assessments. The aim was to simplify, standardize, and automate the application and assessment process, which was previously manually tracked using emails.

AUN-QA consists of the web front-end and the back-end API server, and was developed by a team of seven (including me) as part of our summer internship at Computing for Voluntary Welfare Organisations (CVWO).

I worked on both the webapp front-end, which uses React, Redux, and TypeScript, and the Rails back-end API server. In particular, my contributions include the following:

  • Creating common mechanisms to load nested data, normalize them, and store and cache them on the front-end client
  • Creating common mechanisms and components to load and display a filtered, sorted, and/or paginated list of items
  • Designing and implementing the booking system
  • Extending the task system to support more complex tasks and subtasks
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