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Name   BlueLoci
Year   2018
Tech   TypeScript / Vue.js / VueX
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BlueLoci is a content management and delivery system for Bluetooth beacons. BlueLoci allows any user to create and add interactive content for any nearby Bluetooth beacon, without the need to spend time and money developing their own app. Using the app, other users are able to view and interact with these content, eliminating the need for them to download a separate app for each event or location.

BlueLoci consists of an Android app, the web front-end, and the back-end API server, and was developed by a pair of two (including me) as part of our CP2106 (Orbital) module at NUS School of Computing.

I worked on the web front-end and back-end API server, while my partner worked on the Android app.

On the web front-end, BlueLoci uses Vue.js, VueX, and Vue Router to deliver a smooth and interactive experience.

On the back-end, BlueLoci runs on node.js, and uses a PostgreSQL database for long-term data storage and Redis servers for caching and session storage.

I received a Pass grade in the related module (CP2106), which was graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

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