Name   Kickback
Year   2019
Tech   iOS / Swift

Kickback is a fast-paced 2D arena deathmatch game where players have to move around and attack one another in elimination to emerge as the final survivor.

Kickback is an iOS application and was developed by a group of three (including me) as part of our final project in our CS3217 (Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms) module at NUS School of Computing.

I was in charge of the implementation of networked multiplayer, which involved the following:

  • Designing and implementing a host-client architecture
  • Adding a game event system
  • Adding a network abstraction layer
  • Adding game sessions
  • Adding logic and UI to enable hosting, joining, and setting up of game

Other notable contributions include:

  • Implementing team-vs-team
  • Adding a map designer

For an in-depth discussion of the project, please refer to the Final Report.

I received an A+ grade in the related module (CS3217).

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